How can adults, as well as children and young people, learn more about children's rights in development cooperation?

Here you will find a large number of interesting training and educational materials-We likewise provide resourcesfor adults as well as for children and youth on topics related to children's rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as resources on complaint mechanisms for children and the implementation of children's rights in development cooperation.


Training materials on access to justice for migrant children

Training materials to give children with a migration background appropriate access to the legal system. BMFSFJ

produced by: International Commission for Justice | Link to Modules | Languages: German, English, Bulgarian, Greek, Italian, Spanish | Year: 2018

Children’s and young people’s rights in development cooperation - Methods and guidelines for practical implementation

The starting point is the international human rights protection framework and the linked United Nations Instruments, particularly the work of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.The methodology also draws on the experiences gained from a pilot conducted in 2013/14 in Kyrgyzstan, Guatemala and Burkina Faso.

produced by: GIZ | Download [pdf, 3,2mb, 122 Seiten] | Languages: English, Deutsch | Year: 2015

Child Rights Toolkit

The guide, developed by UNICEF and the EU, describes the child rights approach in development cooperation to serve as a guideline for development programmes as well as policy and law-making.

produced by: EU/UNICEF | Link to the Modules  | Languages: English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese | Year: 2014

Toolkit: Child Protection Workshops

Training materials on children's rights, organised alphabetically. Children's rights are described, as well as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, General Comments, NGO work on children's rights and human rights.

produced by: Kindernothilfe / VENRO | Download [pdf, 6.2 mb, 18 pages] | Language: English | Year: 2016

AGORA: UNICEF's global hub for learning!

Agora is a UNICEF portal for free online training for UNICEF staff and the general public. There are training opportunities on UNICEF's main topics, among others.

produced by: UNICEF/AGORA | a.o. Online-Kurs zu “Child rights and why they matter | Languages: English, French, Spanish


Materials for designing projects with a focus on children's rights

Materials for training and further education

Provide children and young people with an understanding of human rights in an age-appropriate manner

Standing up for children's rights - materials for public relations work

Promote children's participation in institutions such as kindergartens, schools and projects

Examples and guidelines for child protection concepts in organisations and projects