Project management

Helpful material for managing projects

Here you can find background information like guidelines and others on how to design projects with a specific focus on child´s rights as well as the child´s rights approach.

Summary of the child rights approach and guiding questions

Tool 3 des Child Friendly Cities Toolkit for National Committees

Like human rights education, child rights education includes learning about rights, learning through rights (using rights as an organizing principle to change the culture of learning), and learning for rights (taking action to realize rights) in an overall context of learning as a right. Tool 3 of the Child Friendly Cities Toolkit for National Committees includes guiding questions for implementing the "child rights approach" to assess whether an intiative or project is proactively realizing child rights.

produced by: UNICEF-Child Friendly Cities InitiativeDownload [pdf, 716 kb, 7 pp.] | Year: 2017 | Language: English

Kidsrights Index

The Child Rights Index ranks countries that have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child according to existing data and assesses whether and to what extent children's rights are respected worldwide.

produced by: KidsRights | Source: | Language: English | Year: since 2019

Getting it Right for Children

A practitioners’ guide to child rights programming

Comprehensive description of Save the Children's Child Rights Programming approach.

produced by: Save the Children | Download | [pdf, 1.4 mb, 160 pages] | Language: English | Year: 2007

Child rights programming handbook

How to Apply Rights-Based Approaches to Programming

The handbook serves as an introduction to child rights-based programmes. It deals with children's participation, child rights-based situation analysis and the application of child rights principles in the development of organisations and projects.

produced by: Save the Children | Download [pdf, 1.65 mb, 72 pages] | Language: English | Year: 2006

Save the Children’s Child Rights Situation Analysis Guidelines

The Situation Analysis presented provides guidelines on how child-rights-based programmes can be planned and describes, among other things, how the assessment of child rights violations can be designed and who the rights holders are in programmes.

produced by: Save the Children | Download [pdf, 4.4 mb, 48 pages] | Language: English | Year: 2013

Programme Accountability Guidance Pack: A Save the Children Resource

The Programme Accountability Guidance Pack brings together practical and tested ‘how-to’ guidance and training materials designed to help development and humanitarian workers put accountability into practice. The pack includes a DVD, with four films developed to improve understanding and facilitate discussions on programme accountability.

produced by: Save the Children | Download [pdf, 2.5 mb, 85 pages] | Language: English | Year: 2013

Other languages: Spanish, French

Mainstreaming Human Rights in Development Policies and Programming: UNDP Experiences

Various case-studies are laid out to provide background information about human rights mainstreaming as well as possible ways for implementation of the Human Rights Based Approach.

produced by: United Nations Development Programme | Download [pdf, 3.7 mb, 26 pages] | Language: English | Year: 2015

Other languages: : Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French,

The Handbook for Development Programmes

Training for staff at the local level to ensure the well-being of children.

produced by: World Vision | Download [pdf, 4.4 mb, 34 pages] | Language: English | Year: 2011


Materials for designing projects with a focus on children's rights

Materials for training and further education

Provide children and young people with an understanding of human rights in an age-appropriate manner

Standing up for children's rights - materials for public relations work

Promote children's participation in institutions such as kindergartens, schools and projects

Examples and guidelines for child protection concepts in organisations and projects