How to support children and youth participation?

The documents listed below are supposed to help adults to promote children´s participation in institutions such as daycare centres and schools. Moreover, there is plenty of information on promoting children's participation in development cooperation projects.

Working in Partnership with Children and Young People on the Move: Strategies & Tools for Meaningful Participation

This guide was developed as a collaborative process between the International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD) and the Destination Unknown community. The guide incorporates key learning from Destination Unknown members, youth ambassadors and children, and shares theory, good practices, recommendations, and opportunities for growth around meaningfully engaging children and young people on the move. It includes a focus on children aged 8-18, with some adaptation for younger and older children, children with different abilities and for COVID-19.

produced by: Destination Unknown | Download [pdf, 6.1mb, 44 pages] | Language: English | Year: 2022

The Nine Basic Requirements for Meaningful and Ethical Children’s Participation

The guide lays out nine basic requirements for meaningful child participation and includes checklists and simple tools for implementation of participatory element, e.g. in the planning and conducting/implementing studies, campaigns and projects.

produced by: Save the children | Link to the Guide  [pdf, 4.8mb, 16 pages] | Languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic | Year: 2021

Child Participation Assessment Tool

An evaluation guide for States to measure the level of participation of children and young people.

produced by: Council of Europe | Download [pdf, 2 mb, 36 pages] Language: English | Year: 2016

Toolkit for Monitoring and Evaluating Children’s participation

A guide to assess the level the participation of children and young people. The guide likewise gives criteria for understanding participation as well as ways to achieve meaningful participation.

produced by: Save the children | Link to Toolkit Language: English | Year: 2014

Guidelines for Children's Participation in Humanitarian Programming

Guides on how to increase the participation of children and young people in humanitarian programmes.

produced by: Save the children | Link to Guidelines | Language: English | Year: 2013

Putting children at the centre. A practical guide to children's participation

A two-part guide describing how to achieve child and youth participation in all steps of programme design and implementation.

produced by: Save the children | Link to Guide | Language: English | Year: 2010

Manual on children’s participation including practical toolkit

Information material and practical guide on how to strengthen children's participation.

produced by: terre des hommes | Download [pdf, 2.8 mb, 22 pages] Language: English, Spanish | Year: 2018

World Vision’s Guidelines for Child Participation

World Vision guide on promoting child and youth participation.

produced by: World Vision | Download [pdf, 224 kb, 7 pages] Language: English | Year: 2013

It’s Time to Talk – Children’s Views on Children’s Work - Toolkit I - Research

This research toolkit has been developed to support agencies in organising and implementing child friendly consultations with children and young people aged 5-17 years who have experience of child work, whether paid or unpaid, including chores to help their parents or other caregivers.

produced by: Time to talk | Languages: English, Spanish, French | Year: 2016

It’s Time to Talk! - Children’s Views on Children’s Work - Toolkit II: Supporting colloborative and child-led advocacy

The primary purpose of this toolkit is to support collaborative and child-led advocacy by working children, especially in their local and national contexts - target group: adults and youth trainers

produced by: Time to talk | Link to Toolkit | Languages: English, Spanish, Hindi | Year: 2019

Child Friendly Schools

The manual provides plenty of valuable information on child-friendly schools and ways to realise them

produced by: UNICEF | Link to page | Language: English


Materials for designing projects with a focus on children's rights

Materials for training and further education

Provide children and young people with an understanding of human rights in an age-appropriate manner

Standing up for children's rights - materials for public relations work

Promote children's participation in institutions such as kindergartens, schools and projects

Examples and guidelines for child protection concepts in organisations and projects