How can I stand up for children's rights?

If you want to find out how to publicly advocate for children's rights, please find various information materials and guides below. Likewise, there are plenty of materials for children and young people for learning  how to advocate for their rights.


Children's Views on Children's Work Toolkit II Supporting collaborative and child-led advocacy

The toolkit is designed to increase the capacity of adult and child/youth facilitators to work with children’s committees/groups to plan, implement, and monitor advocacy actions that will help to improve their lives at local, sub-national, national, regional and/or global levels. The tools included in this toolkit are designed for use with, and by, children and young people aged eight to 18.

published by: Dialogue Works | Download [pdf, 2.5 mb, 45 pages] | Languages: English, Spanish | Jahr: 2019

Advocacy on children’s rights

Background material for adults on child´s rights advocacy as well as its application in practice

produced by: Save the children | Download [pdf, 183 kb, 18 pages] | Language: English | Year: 2010

Advocacy Toolkits

Guidelines and background on ways of communication on the topic of children´s rights in development cooperation

produced by: UNICEF | Download [pdf, 2.4 mb, 144 pages] | Language: English | Year: 2010

Information prepared by young people for young people on advocacy as well as ways of practical application. To foster understanding, the toolkit applies a comprehensive methodological approach using text, pictures, infographics, and alike.

produced by: Plan International | Link to Toolkit | Languages: English, French, Spanish

The purpose of the Toolkit is to engage children and young people in advocating for children’s right to participate in decisionmaking processes. It includes tools and methods to empower children to contribute to change in public decision-making. The toolkit is intended to be used by NGOs working with children and young people as well as government officials at national, regional and local level.

produced by: Eurochild | Download [pdf, 6.4 mb, 33 pages| Language: English | Year: 2018


Materials for designing projects with a focus on children's rights

Materials for training and further education

Provide children and young people with an understanding of human rights in an age-appropriate manner

Standing up for children's rights - materials for public relations work

Promote children's participation in institutions such as kindergartens, schools and projects

Examples and guidelines for child protection concepts in organisations and projects