The toolbox provides a collection of valuable guiding documents, guidelines, checklists, good practices, training materials and videos. The toolbox intends to provide assistance to those that are already implementing the child rights based approach and all those that plan to do so.

The collection was compiled in cooperation with various civil society organisations and is intended to support projects and stakeholders in integrating children's and young people's rights into their development activities.

The documents can be found in the respective sub-sections. Those are: project management, human rights education, advocacy, training, protection and participation.

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Materials for designing projects with a focus on children's rights

Materials for training and further education

Provide children and young people with an understanding of human rights in an age-appropriate manner

Standing up for children's rights - materials for public relations work

Promote children's participation in institutions such as kindergartens, schools and projects

Examples and guidelines for child protection concepts in organisations and projects